Your Dream Match Is Waiting

How We Work

Connect Matchmaking is a personal discreet matchmaking service for single people who feel happier dealing with people rather than a computer.  It is a highly confidential service, and your privacy is of paramount importance to us (our Privacy Policy explains how we keep your data secure).  It is well documented that online dating can be very daunting, frustrating and sometimes very worrying.


Know The Difference

Matchmaking is a totally different experience to online dating; you’ll be pleased to know that you won’t have to experience fraudsters or fake profiles. Connect Matchmaking members are vetted before they can join us.  We insist on seeing evidence of proof of address and photographic ID using a passport or driving licence.

Step 1

To start with we like to have a quick chat over the phone, this gives us the opportunity to explain how we work. If we think we can help, we will arrange a meeting, this will either be face to face or via a video link; this is quite low key and there is no pressure to agree to come on board.  We encourage you to take time to make the decision whether to join us or not.

Step 2

Then if you would like things to progress and we truly believe that we can help, we will meet up with you in person or via video link. We need to learn all about your interests, lifestyle and aspirations and the sort of people you would like to meet. Your answers help us to write your personal dating profile. You will decide what membership package suits you and we will explain how each one works.  You will sign your contract and it all starts from there.

Step 3

We will prepare you for your first date. Our Elite membership package is perfect for those people who would like some additional help and includes some fabulous ‘extras’. You will enjoy a professional photo shoot with our fabulous resident photographer Becky Hill plus either a colour and style session with our amazing stylist Alex Eno or a valuable coaching session via video with James Preece one of the Uk’s leading dating coaches.

Step 4

We will start sending you introductions, remember that a ‘match’ is
defined when both parties have agreed to meet.
Be open minded and embrace the opportunity to meet that special
person. Get out there and actually make some connections.

I have known Anne for over 40 years.

In that time I have always enjoyed her friendship ,love, support and loyalty.

She has been one of the most trusted persons in my life through many personal and professional events, and at these times she has always  been found to be an empathetic listener, non judgemental and willing to help in any way she can.

She genuinely cares about people; their lives, hopes and dreams and this caring enables her to help someone to unravel their worries and fears and be there for them as they find a pathway through the troubles, 

Anne is your 'go to' person if you need someone just to listen, understand and guide you when you ask for that. 


Ready to take the leap?

Become An Associate Member

Sometimes we have to look outside our Preferred Member Database, to headhunt for a match for a member with specific preferences in mind. So on these occasions we offer Associate memberships to single people who might be a good match.  If you would like to join as an Associate Member then please let us know and we would consider you for this type of membership.  Please remember we would never be actively looking for matches for you, as we would for a paying member. If an Associate Member seems particularly suitable for a paying member, then we are happy to give them a complimentary match.  You will need to provide photographic ID and proof of address plus 2 recently taken photographs. We will personally interview you either face to face or via video link and write up your personal dating profile.