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At Connect Matchmaking we are passionate about helping people to meet that special person. There are so many people who are lonely and would love to be in a happy, fulfilling relationship but find it really difficult for all sorts of reasons, to find someone to share their life with. It’s likely that you will be at a stage in your life where you will appreciate what you want in a partner. Share this information with us and we will do all we can to find a partner for you. We specialise in matching you up with likeminded people who want to be in a relationship. Unlike online dating, matchmaking is refreshingly different and we do all the work for you and hand select your dates very carefully. 

Come and enjoy the experience of dating again and meet like minded people in a safe environment. 

Rest assured you’ll be supported throughout by your Personal Matchmaker, you will be able to talk to us when you need to for feedback and encouragement. Even successful relationships can begin with a little uncertainty, it’s always a good idea to consider a second date rather than make a rash decision. We cover the area of Hampshire. There are no hidden charges with our membership packages and you will have a 14 day ‘cooling off period’, during which time you will be eligible for a refund. Go on give us a try! Let us help you to find that special person! Life is for living now and not later!

About Us

Find out more about us and get to know who we are.
We offer a personal discreet matchmaking service for the over 50s in the Hampshire Area.

Because we care about you, our aim is to make the experience enjoyable and as stress free as possible
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How We Work

We are not the same as online dating, we take a more personal approach in finding your match.
Connect Matchmaking is a personal discreet matchmaking service for single people who feel happier dealing with people rather than a computer. It is a highly confidential service, and your privacy is of paramount importance to us.
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We have multiple memberships to choose from depending on your needs and budget.
We have 3 different membership plans.

Find the membership that works for you.
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Why Choose Us?

Connect Matchmaking will hand pick personal introductions for you.  

We offer a personal matchmaking service for those who are 50 years old and over and live in Hampshire.  

You will only be matched with someone who is happy to meet you.

We try to find the ‘right fit’, that special person who shares the same values, aspirations and lifestyle ideas as you do. 

We guide you every step of the way and make the whole experience as stress free as we can.

All Connect Matchmaking  members have been met in person or via video link and their ID and address has been verified.

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I have known Anne for over 40 years.

In that time I have always enjoyed her friendship ,love, support and loyalty.

She has been one of the most trusted persons in my life through many personal and professional events, and at these times she has always been found to be an empathetic listener, non judgemental and willing to help in any way she can.

She genuinely cares about people; their lives, hopes and dreams and this caring enables her to help someone to unravel their worries and fears and be there for them as they find a pathway through the troubles,

Anne is your 'go to' person if you need someone just to listen, understand and guide you when you ask for that.
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I worked with Anne for many years. She is extremely organised and works to a very high standard all the time.

Anne’s communication skills are excellent. She is also a very inspiring person to be with. She was an absolute pleasure to work with and is now a great friend.
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I’d like to start this testimony by saying how incredibly hard working, focused, confident and trustworthy Annie Broom is and more importantly how over the last 40 years of our friendship she has helped inspire and empower me.

But what I really love about Annie is how she has the natural ability make connections with people across all levels making each one of them feel at ease, because she really cares about you.
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As a former colleague Anne very much impressed me with her integrity, honesty and professionalism. She paid great attention to detail and put her heart and soul into whatever she was tasked to do. Anne always put others before herself, radiating warmth, understanding and kindness.

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Sometimes we have to look outside our Preferred Member Database, to headhunt for a match for a member with specific preferences in mind. So on these occasions we offer Associate memberships to single people who might be a good match.  If you would like to join as an Associate Member then please let us know and we would consider you for this type of membership.  Please remember we would never be actively looking for matches for you, as we would for a paying member. If an Associate Member seems particularly suitable for a paying member, then we are happy to give them a complimentary match.  You will need to provide photographic ID and proof of address plus 2 recently taken photographs. We will personally interview you either face to face or via video link and write up your personal dating profile. (Subject To Availability)